Iván Rodríguez Lorente

After graduating in Law from the University of Alicante in the year 2005/2010, he continued his legal training under the tutelage of the current Chief Prosecutor of the Region of Murcia, in the preparation of the entrance exams for the career as a Judge or Prosecutor, where he discovered his deep vocation for Criminal Law. Currently, he works as a Lawyer throughout the Spanish national territory, with member number 1425 of the Honourable Lawyers’ Professional Association (ICA) of Orihuela.del ICA de Orihuela. 

The Firm

The Firm started its work in 2014 as a result of its founder’s deep vocation for Criminal Law. After years of hard work and experience-based development, the Firm has managed to bring together a first-rate professional team specialised in five areas of Law: Criminal, Penitentiary, Civil, Commercial and Administrative Law.

The professionalism of the team is evidenced through a great technical capacity and strategic vision, but also through the constant application of the deep-seated values advocated by Rodríguez Lorente Law Firm.

Rodríguez Lorente Law Firm

Our commitment


We take decisions and adopt defence strategies from the perspective of protecting our Clients’ interests, always respecting the ethical and integrity standards that govern the Firm and its professionals.


We previously inform our Clients of both the legal perspective and feasibility of the case, as well as the fees to be paid to the firm for the work done. Ensuring clarity allows focusing on what is important.


Our Lawyer-Client relationship lies in mutual trust and absolute respect for the duty of professional secrecy. Confidentiality is an unbreakable principle for our law firm.



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